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Guidelines for proposals

We want to get a sense of what you’re proposing to present at the conference, and also get a bit of information we could use in the conference programme. So we’d like the following things in your proposal:

  • let us know what kind of presentation it will be, whether participation in a panel discussion, a 20-minute academic paper,  a 20-minute reading with discussion, or participating in a group reading (each reader will have about five minutes)
  • the title of your paper or presentation which we can include in the programme – it should give some indication of what your paper will be about (not required for panel discussions or group reading)
  • an abstract or outline of your paper, or an indication of the topics you’d be interested in talking about in a panel discussion (not required for group reading)
  • a brief biographical note (around 100 words).

An abstract should be around 200 to 400 words and should include, briefly, the main texts you’re planning to refer to – whether it is your own poetry or poetry by others – and the themes and issues you intend to explore, which should relate to the theme of the conference.

Further information could be included separately if required.

Get in touch with the conference organisers if you’d like further advice or information: Helen Rickerby ( , Anna Jackson ( and Angelina Sbroma (