About Truth or Beauty: Poetry and Biography

The Truth or Beauty: Poetry and Biography conference was held on 26–28 November 2014 at Victoria University of Wellington. It brought together poets and scholars from Australia and New Zealand to explore and attempt to define the growing field of biographical poetry or verse biography – poetry which maps out a life, or presents a portrait of a more or less historical person.

The conference was a grand success, with fascinating papers, fabulous poetry and great discussions. Thank you to everyone involved! For more information about the conference, you can read the call for papers and view the programme.

As part of the conference we published a small, hand-bound volume of biographical poetry by conference participants – possibly the first anthology of biographical poetry ever. To find out more about it visit the Truth or Beauty anthology page.

We are also delighted that two publications have resulted from the Truth or Beauty: Poetry and Biography conference: a special issue of Biography journal on verse biography, edited and introduced by Anna Jackson, which features essays that were originally papers presented at Truth or Beauty; and Truth and Beauty: Verse Biography in Canada, Australia and New Zealand edited by conference organisers Anna Jackson, Helen Rickerby and Angelina Sbroma. Find out more about these publications.



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